ATC Mid-Atlantic Crew

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Volunteer Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew

Monday, February 8, 2010

2009 Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew

Many thanks to the 25 individuals who contributed over 2000 hours to projects that improved the Appalachian National Scenic Trail for the hiking public. Mid-Atlantic had another productive season and completed some excellent work. What follows is a selection of photos highlighting the good work that the crew did in 2009.

Week 8

The crew started a long awaited project – what will ultimately be a 1500 foot boardwalk in Pawling, NY

Not every crew gets to hang out at a train station

Helical pier boardwalks mean LOTS of material to be lugged around

Noland, Andy and Ron manning the pier driver

Alan doing a fine job of supervising

Girders going on

Kerry working on joists

Club volunteer Ron contemplating his next move as he fans a turn with decking

The crew standing on the first 100 feet

Sunset from field camp

Week 7

Week 7’s return to the Sand Spring relo in Virginia saw the wettest weather of the season, with rain 3 of the 5 days the crew was there.

Neither rain nor fog...

Kevin and Carol toil in the damp

Despite the weather, there were some smiles

Looks like the rain finally stopped

Hmm…shadows can only mean one thing!

The sun finally shows up

Weeks 5 & 6

The second of two trips to Bear Mountain this season

Ted and crew manhandling a step

The almost finished product

Yet another step gets moved into place

Someday it will all look like this

Week 1

The crew worked with the Delaware Valley chapter of AMC to rehab a side trail to a shelter and water source.

The side trail: an old road bed slowly eroding away

The crew and club volunteers put in water diversion where feasible

Steps were also installed to provide better footing

Ben Schwartz redding up the side of a step

And more steps……

Week 4

The crew returned to Wind Gap, PA to an unfinished project from 2008

Working on a stone staircase

A new sign kiosk to finish up the parking lot improvements

Weeks 2 & 3

The crew’s fourth year at Bear Mountain in NY saw a change in strategy, with two double sessions scheduled in an effort to cut down on travel time.

The 2009 work site after surface material was scraped away and material for crib wall was stockpiled on the uphill side of the treadway

Mira manning a winch being used to move material down to the worksite

Tools of the trade

Sean carefully cutting a step out of a larger boulder

Pat and Neal jockey a step into position

what the heck was I going to do with this again…?

Catherine may have thought she’d get away with it, but someone will notice that the snatch block is missing!

Crib wall in place, ready for crush and surfacing

A view from the commute – a morning view up the Hudson River valley