The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Volunteer Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ALDHA thanks the Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew

Thank you note signed at the ALDHA Gathering last fall


Welcome to the ATC Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew Blog. Please enjoy the pictures from our 2008 season.

Week 8 - Sand Spring, VA / WV

More work on the Sand Spring relo

Week 7 - Bear Mountain, NY

Back on Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain - the finished product

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 6 - Boiling Springs, PA

Holding on by the skin of its teeth

Prepping a stringer

The flagging tape cutting ceremony

Hauling out at the end of the day

The Scott Farm is scary enough....

Week 5 - Sand Spring VA / WV

The crew digging side hill
The crew gets a chance to visit ATC HQ in Harpers Ferry

Week 4 - Bear Mountain, NY

The crew working on Bear Mountain

Still Life: Crib wall and pick

The crew doing their second favorite thing

Week 3 - Wind Gap, PA

On its way to becoming a step

What happens when you use a pipe as a winch handle

The end result

Week 2 - Wind Gap, PA

How many trail workers does it take....

Much better than the trench that was there before

Ron, Bob and Ron supervising

The crew always practices safe snacking purchasing

Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 1 - Bear Mountain

Camp Coordinator Adam Daniel turning big rocks into little ones

Jeff using a hammerdrill

Crew leader Ted Martello playing a tune on the feathers and wedges

Konnarock Camp Coordinator turned Mid-A volunteer David Hebert relaxing